Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Tour was the pleasant gift that I got after completing my official conference in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), the capital city of Kerala State. It is among the best known beach destinations of the world located around 13 km downtown of Thiruvananthapuram. Though one day trip to Kovalam was not enough to explore its scattered awesome beauty yet it was sufficient to experience its charisma. On Sunday early morning I reached this place from Trivandrum by taxi.

I have heard and read about this place but never visited so the joy and enthusiasm of sea kept me busy the whole day. I was so much fascinated that I was unable to decide from where to start my exploration. I was sitting on the glistening sand with this thought bouncing around in my mind. Sitting there I was watching the beauty of rising and falling waves washing the shore. The freshness of air and the whooshing sound of waves captivated me for long. This hypnotic effect was broken by the passing by hawker who was selling coconut water. I bought a coconut from him and while sipping it marched towards the sea to pamper myself in foaming waves.

I enjoyed the thrust, chilliness and salty taste of sea for long. There I realized that it is not an easy task to resist the force of waves. Though it was a tiring experience but the charm of sea waves refreshed me. After that I moved to the nearby rocky cliff to enjoy the binocular vision of the entire surrounding. The view that I saw was beyond description and one must visit this place to experience it. I took several snaps from this place and moved towards the nearby rooftop restaurant to satisfy my appetite with exotic Kerala seafood. The lunch was good as it was made from the fresh sea fish and original spices whose taste is still lingering on my taste buds.

The Kovalam beach is internationally renowned for its three bow-shaped beaches which are separated by the Rocky Mountain Terrain. The largest beach is known as Light House Beach because of its 35 meter high lighthouse, situated on Kurumkal hillock which I visited in the evening. The second largest one is Hawah Beach. It was the first topless beach in India but now topless bathing has been banned here. And the third is Samudra Beach which is famous among the local fishermen of Kovalam.

Along with the scenic locale Kovalam Beach is also the hub of various water sports activities, herbal body toning massages, cultural programs and sunbathing. I saw scores of national and international tourists involved in these activities enjoying their vacation in the best possible manner.

Though I missed the evening charm and the beauty of sunset of this place because I had to reach Thiruvananthapuram airport to board my flight, but, with no regrets, I was happy with what I could enjoy.