I had heard a lot about the temples of South India. Ancient temples are just a magnetic attraction to me. By nature, I am a religious person who love to go for religious places. What could be better option than the temples? So this time we, a group of seven friends planned a trip to south India temples. My wish to find God in nature seem to be fulfilled when I gave my consent to this tour.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The idea of going there was exciting as it was my first time of being there. We browse on web to know the tour details and finally got the suitable one. That is how we headed towards South India. The journey was enjoyable and comfortable as we all friends were very excited to see the ancient temples of South India. Thinking of it we reached Kerala, our first destination in South India tour.

Well, after reaching there, we all were set to embark on a spiritual journey. After taking rest and making ourselves comfortable, we got a brief about our tour plan.

We started with Padmanabhaswamy Temple, which was a unique experience. I was amazed to see the exemplary architecture of the temple. When we entered in this temple, we felt as if we have come to a place where all we can experience is tranquility and spirituality. The temple showcases architectural heritage of South India. Staying there for some time was really a holistic experience that helped us to gain inner peace due to its peaceful environ.

Our curiosity took us to Shree Krishna Temple in Guruvayur. The structure of this ancient temple was of typical Kerala style with mandaps, gopurams (gateways) and shreekovil. There, we saw many tourists who were also delighted to see the majesty of these temple like us. The guide told us that this temple is also known as ‘Guruvayoor Ambalam.’

Also, we got an opportunity to visit some other famous temples including Mannaarshala near Trivandrum and the Vadakkunnathar Temple at Thrissur. The glory of the South India temples reflects in its traditional architectural style.

During this tour, we also came across some of the finest examples of architecture in the form of Temples in Karnataka. We visited Iskcon Temple which is located in the Bangalore city. Built on a hill rock, this temple is a unique blend of glass and gopurams. You can experience spiritual harmony and tranquillity here. Our guide told us about the temple that it was constructed to promote the Vedic culture and spiritual learning. During the annual Krishna and Balarama Rath Yatra, this temple is visited by thousands of devotees.

Visiting Chennakesava Temple at Hassan was also a great experience. It allowed us to see an outstanding example of architecture. This magnificent temple was built with the amalgamation of granite and soapstone. Then, we went to see the Cave and Jain Temple at Badami and Virupaksha and Hemakuta Temples at Hampi which showcase great architectural style.

The South India Temple tour was once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. Thinking of this amazing tour, we came back with inner peace and increased energy!