House Boat

House Boat

While sailing through the mesmerizing backwaters of Kerala  I felt as if mother nature was smiling at me. I was completely absorbed in the celestial beauty of nature, with sun brightly reflected by the water, the water gently rippling, the swaying palm trees dancing to the tune of refreshing wind and above all a feeling of being at peach with my own self and nature. No wonder water is such an expressive feature of nature.

We were at Alleppy backwaters enjoying nature at its best. Alleppy is a wonderful city of Kerala, which is famed for its breathtaking backwaters. It takes pride in its scenic beauty, lush paddy fields and enchanting backwaters. It is a big hit with tourists who come here for an exhilarating experience from across the globe.

I and my friends were cruising across the backwaters on a traditional houseboat. Available in different sizes, these houseboats are called Kettuvallams. Fitted with modern comforts and decorated in a traditional style, these houseboats are the perfect means of exploring backwaters. They are eco-friendly and are made of bamboo poles, coconut fiber, ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc.

While cruising through the backwaters we sighted some beautiful birds such as kingfisher, darter and cormorant. Sighting such beautiful birds was an overwhelming experience.

We also enjoyed delicious lunch at the houseboat. We relished sambar dosa and idli, which was very tasty. We rounded off our hearty meal with a famous dessert of Kerala, Palppayasam. It is a sweet dish made of sugar, ghee, spices brewed in creamy white milk. It is served with ‘boli’, a golden yellow sweet pancake.

While sailing through the mesmerizing backwaters of Kerala I felt as if mother nature was smiling at me